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LED power connection
2019-07-02 22:38:27
LED power connection
In fact, this search LED power supply is very easy to find what you want.

LED IP20 dimming driver series
LN is 220V AC input, which is connected from the mains and leads to two fork terminals. Because it is single-phase AC, L and N are freely connected.
Three horizontal and one vertical is the grounding end of the power supply case. Sure enough, the plug used in the previous step is the three-head type. This position is connected to the grounding end. If you use two ends, there is nothing left.
COM +V is the output of this power supply, equivalent to the grounding of this power supply +12v (power specification), pull it out and plug it into your circuit.
ADJ is used to adjust the output voltage. For example, if the output should be 12V and the actual output is 12.5V, adjust it with a screwdriver or the like.
Probably this is the case