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Principle and characteristics of ED
2018-11-27 19:08:53
Three Conditions of LED Switching Power Supply
1. Switches are: power electronic devices work in the switching state rather than in the linear state.
2. High Frequency: Power electronic devices operate at high frequencies rather than at low frequencies close to power frequencies.
3. DC: The output of switching power supply is DC rather than AC.
LED switching power supply is a high-speed switch-on and cut-off circuit controlled by the circuit. It converts DC into high frequency AC to change the voltage of the converter, so that it can produce one or more sets of voltage needed! The efficiency of high frequency AC in transformer circuit is higher than that of city power 50Hz or 60Hz, so the transformer of switching power supply can be very small, it will not be very hot when switching power supply works, and the product price is lower than that of power frequency DC regulated power supply. If 50 Hz or 60Hz is not changed into high frequency power, then the switching power supply has no significance. The switching power supply can be divided into isolation and non-isolation. It is isolation type that there must be switching power supply converter, and non-isolation does not necessarily have switching power supply converter. Compared with traditional DC power supply, switching power supply has the advantages of small size, light weight and high efficiency.