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Reason why LED waterproof power supply
2019-02-22 16:57:45
The changes of LED waterproof power supply can be divided into two categories: linear conversion and switching conversion, which are the two most mainstream power conversion methods at present. For the linear transformation technology, although the technology is simple and easy to implement, the conversion efficiency is low and the volume is large. With the development of conversion technology, the advantages of high efficiency and small size of switching converter are gradually reflected and more and more popular. The main conversion modes of the two power sources directly determine the maximum performance of the products.
Led waterproof power supply
Doing a good job of LED waterproof power supply must do a good job in several parts, which involves the composition of the product. Whether the application of high-power or low-power LED lighting is generally composed of power supply, LED driver circuit, LED and base plate. Among them, the LED driver circuit is the key part. It must output constant current to ensure that the light emitted by the LED will not blink or darken, and there will be no LED. Color deviation phenomenon.
If the LED waterproof power supply is used, the lighting of the LED lamps will be better. The product can help the lamps to complete the whole lighting process better. In fact, different lamps need different power supply to adapt. The efficiency of waterproof power supply is very noteworthy. Although the LED waterproof power supply itself has many advantages, it is analogous to the ability of durable, anti-corrosion and waterproof, so that the product can be used outdoors very well. So why need the high efficiency of the 
LED waterproof power supply?
High efficiency of LED waterproof power supply is the overall energy saving requirement of LED lighting system, and is the basis and guarantee of low temperature rise, long life and high reliability. It can support multiple display modes. Using non-linear correction technology, the image is clearer and the sense of hierarchy is stronger. The effect is outstanding. There are also strong applicability, whether indoor stable environment or outdoor harsh environment.