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Test Equipment of LED power supply
2019-08-15 17:05:11
Test Equipment of LED power supply 
1. Purpose
The switching power supply for LED lamps and related products, the drive part is formulated in the product development and production process for the guarantee of product quality.
Test Equipment of LED power supply
2. Scope of application
The device is suitable for the switching power supply driving part of LED lamps and related products, including built-in power supply and external power supply, and relatively independent finished power supply boards or modules. This power supply is only for general use or general commercial use, and is specifically referred to as AC-DC, DC-DC type.
3. Production line test specification
AC isolated power (AC powe), power meter, digital multimeter, fixture, load. The load can be the actual load or the same capacity of the dummy load, the dummy load must contain the visible LED part (to prevent the light from strobing)
4. High temperature aging range
The external power supply and built-in power supply assembly are suitable for 40 degree aging.
The built-in power supply and light source are separated for 60 degree aging.
5. Aging eligibility criteria
>1% product ratio is suitable for high temperature aging, that is, at least one piece per 100 pieces of product needs to be subjected to high temperature aging. That is, it has been aged for 24 hours at room temperature before high temperature aging. High temperature aging products are randomly selected from the normal temperature aging.