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Shenzhen Yanshuoda Technology Co., Ltd
2022-02-22 14:54:35
Produce high quality products, establish a good corporate reputation, conduct regulated trade transactions, to do long-term business rather than "one-time profit", innovate production technology, these are the principles that Shenzhen Yanshuoda Technology Co., Ltd. With its stable quality, safe and reliable, high compatibility and other advantages, Yanshuoda’s led power supply have been well received by customers in all over the world.  At present, products with UL, ETL, TUV-mark, CE,CB,SAA, UL,BIS,CCC,ROHS and other certificates, are exported to many oversea markets,such as North America, Europe, Australia, South America, Souyheast Asia and so on.

Founded in 2006, Shenzhen Yanshuoda Technology Co.,Ltd. specializes in R&D and manufacturing LED power supply based on science and technology in its early days.  Company has strong technical force, standardized workshop, advanced detection equipment, advanced laboratory and strict operating procedures, high standards of quality management. Strictly implement ISO9001:2015 quality management system. After many years striving, Yanshuoda has formed a strong product strength in the field of 3D printer power supply, industrial control equipment power supply, LED power supply, LED dimmable  power supply, LED waterproof power supply, uninterruptible power supply, isolated power supply
The company is located at No. 8, Dadi Road, Dadi Industrial Zone, Shapuwei, Songgang Street,baoan dist. Shenzhen Guangdong, China.
The company has a good geographical location, the main body is a six-story factory building, the main color is earthy yellow, located in the middle of the industrial park, surrounded by some other major buildings, staggered to make people feel extraordinarily harmonious. The green plants that make people's eyes bright are dotted in it, adding some vitality and vigor to the factory, and the workers will have a good mood every day when they work in such a beautiful environment.
Shenzhen Yanshuoda Factory
As we enter the production workshop, you will see advanced production equipment running in an orderly manner, each assembly line is in order, workers are meticulously completing their work at their respective jobs, no one is talking to each other or making loud noises.
The main reason is that the company has advanced management concept and company culture, and the management is standardized to a high degree. The workers have strong service consciousness and high production efficiency. The person in charge of the enterprise has open-minded and visionary ideas, focusing on the construction of corporate culture, technical strength and development potential of the enterprise, and vigorously implementing sustainable development strategy. Another reason is that there is also the high speed and prosperous development of the company, which makes the employees feel that the power of the company is great. Faced with a trustworthy and reliable company, they work harder and devote themselves to the construction of the company. Every employee of the enterprise treats his or her work in the spirit of eternal development and eternal service concept, focuses on self-development in technology management, and works together under the leadership of the person in charge of the enterprise to push the enterprise to the international market and implement the "going out" strategy.
Shenzhen Yanshuoda Factory
The business philosophy of company is to focus on quality. Product quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise, and only with high-quality products can win in the fierce competition in the market. The most important thing is the strict control of product quality in the production process. When we enter the factory, we can see that the production of each product has to go through multiple processes, workers on the production line in an orderly manner, each production step has strict production standards to ensure the quality of the final product, but only in the production link for strict control is not enough. There is a QC Department in the production workshop, which conducts strict quality inspection on the products to be shipped to ensure that the products are qualified. We always believe that only by establishing a good image of good products and high quality can we occupy the market and develop the market. Only by keeping quality in check can a company survive and grow better. Although strict quality control of the product will incur more costs, we hope that the final product received by the customer is the same as what they had hoped to get when they placed the purchase order. 
At the same time, we pay attention to safety management and risk prevention in the production process. The most clearly visible slogan in our factory is safety, which always reminds every employee of the importance of safety. Each step on the flow line has a strict plan to reduce safety hazards. The company often holds safety education meetings, workshop production is complex and constantly evolving, any non-standard operation may lead to accidents, any fluke paralysis, opportunistic ideas are destined to accidents. Therefore, each employee should seriously learn the lessons of past accidents, overcome the sloppy and bold work style, develop a careful and patient work habits, work strictly according to the regulations, and pay attention to every detail of the work. We cultivate employees' safety awareness and teach them how to respond when facing accidents. For fire and other disasters such as earthquakes, the company regularly conducts fire drills training to learn firefighting knowledge and how to use firefighting tools flexibly. There is a complete response plan and escape route planning that specific to each workstation in the factory, which greatly protects the safety issues of the factory and employees. Safety production is the focus of enterprise management, is the fundamental guarantee of enterprise development, is an accumulation, continuous process. We all know that safety is very important for every person, and the safety of employees is the most valuable asset of the company. The company never neglects the smallest aspects in the daily safety work to make a strong guarantee for the company's safety. 
Shenzhen Yanshuoda Factory
The showcase in the exhibition hall displays all the product samples of the company since the company was set up, we can see how fast the technology has changed in recent years. Innovation is the soul of enterprise progress, and is the inexhaustible power for an enterprise to flourish. The pace of the times has been moving forward, no one will wait for those who lag behind, so we must constantly learn new knowledge, update our cognition, and follow the progress of the times. In order to keep up with the pace of the times, we will bring more environmentally friendly, high performance, intelligent products into people's lives.
Then we went to the technical R&D department of the factory, where we could see that some technicians were developing new products and some were testing the performance of the new production equipment.
The company has always implemented innovation into all aspects of production, always following the footsteps of the market, and the company is always clear that innovation is not only to constantly launch new products, but to integrate innovation into every detail, to carry out innovation in all aspects of production technology, management mode, company business philosophy. Innovation is the soul and inexhaustible power of our development, and it is the necessary condition for a company to become strong. In a sense, if an enterprise does not know how to reform and innovate, if it does not know how to forge ahead, the enterprise will be on the verge of extinction. The fundamental meaning of innovation is to break through the limitations of the enterprise itself, to get rid of the old system and old methods that are not suitable for the time, to create more new systems and new initiatives to meet the needs of the market under the existing conditions, to be ahead of the trend of the times and to win the fierce market competition.
Focus on the management of corporate culture, to give employees a sense of belonging and security; focus on the quality control of production products, always provide customers with high-quality products; focus on the prevention of production safety issues, to create a safe production environment; focus on innovation, take innovation into every detail. These are the winning secrets of Shenzhen Yanshuoda Technology Co., Ltd. which is always in the front of the industry, and we hope that the company will always be the most energetic.