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LED light and LED power supply for different occasions in house
2022-02-18 09:28:13
Light installation, an essential part of the house decoration. When night falls, turn on the lights, "snap" is the endless light that lights up the darkness.
Of course, a good light installation requires a great deal of knowledge. The arrangement of the light installation, the goodness and beauty of the lamps can directly affect the visual sense of people, which in turn affects the comfort of home decoration.In addition, we have to choose a good switching power supply when choosing LED light. No matter what style of LED lights need LED switch power supply to control. However, switching power supplies are also divided into constant current power supply and constant voltage power supply, which are applied to different LED lights, so the LED lights in different occasions will use a different LED power supply. Next for you to introduce what LED lights for different occasions in the house.
LED light and LED power supply for different occasions in house
1. Living room
In order to make the hall bright, the choice of lamps and lanterns becomes crucial. However, many traditional main light patterns often have only generalized lighting effects, failing to achieve dead-end lighting and good decorative properties.So what kind of lamps can not only ensure good lighting effect, but also can bring good decorative? 
Especially when a large living room needs multiple lighting. Traditional ceiling lights? If you feel both old-fashioned and unattractive, then consider using simple LED lamps, not only elegant and beautiful, but also simple and stylish, can be made into any style of chandelier, but need to choose the right LED power for the chandelier.
2. Bedroom
Comfort is the first principle of bedroom lamp selection.
So what lights can be put in the bedroom?
First, the kick sensor light, put the soft light strip around the bed, no longer afraid of waking up in the dark at night. Warm light is not harsh.
Second, the ambient light, can be placed on the curtains, around the bed, very warm and romantic.
Third, the closet lights, the light strip into segments distributed in the closet, open the closet will have a bright warm light, do not worry about finding clothes in the dark.
Fourth, stylish line lights at the top to illuminate the whole bedroom. The bed is equipped with LED soft strip light , the lamp column shines brightly and the wattage is appropriate, giving you a warm sleep quality.
And all these light switches need to use LED switch power supply to control.
LED light and LED power supply for different occasions in house
3. Children's room
LED soft strip lights are also suitable for children's rooms, with their safe role in environmental protection and a variety of styles and functions to help create a safe and healthy visual effect in children's rooms. Therefore pick a suitable LED power supply for them to control the LED strip light is also particularly critical. We select lamps for children's rooms, not only to shape lovely, colorful, decorative such beautiful appearance of the lamps, but also to ensure the health of children's eyesight. In addition, we must also consider whether the product is safe and environmentally friendly enough, and whether the light source meets the actual needs of children.
LED light and LED power supply for different occasions in house
Many families have kitchens that are narrow and have small windows, resulting in poor light. Poor lighting design, lamps and lanterns are not selected correctly, it will lead to more darkness in the kitchen. This not only affects the mood of cooking, but also will make the food dull. So the lighting effect of the kitchen lamps must be good.
Kitchen lighting fixtures are selected from recessed ceiling lights, soft strip lights, downlights, pendants, etc., depending on the needs of different kinds of selection. But among them, the soft strip is highly utilized and the most cost-effective.
In the kitchen with LED strips, each light source dispersion lighting, so as to achieve three hundred and sixty degrees without dead angle lighting. Let the food colorful, cooking good mood will also be born.
5. Toilet
How to create a modern and technological sense of the bathroom? Sink, mirror, top, are very suitable for the installation of LED light bar, light brightness show clean.
At the same time, the bathroom has a lot of steam when bathing, you need to consider the waterproof nature of the lamps. So, it’s perfect for the use of concealed LED strip light. LED switch power supply control the light source, a key start, full of technology.